Mihai Pruna

Mihai Pruna's hobbies

 Mihai Pruna at the beach

Mihai Pruna is interested in the emerging field of 3D printing, as applied to his broader interests in aviation, space exploration and surfing. He has created several models available for 3D printing here:

Crazy Aircraft Creations: Designs by Mihai Pruna

In the field of Aviation History, Mihai is most interested in the second world war and the evolution of air combat tactics and technologies. He has one of the Internet's longest living pages on the topic:


Mihai is not much into sports but he has a passion for surfing, which, after a small taste a decade ago, only recently he started to fulfill.

See Mihai Pruna's surfing blog here:


During winters, he likes to snowboard, although, so far, only bunny slopes have been conquered.

 Mihai Pruna also enjoys taking close-up shots of dragonflies: