Mihai Pruna

The fallacy of the Fermi paradox

Disclaimer: This is based on what we know and don't know as of now.


Where are the aliens? Why aren't they here? Why haven't we detected them? So many habitable planets out there, why hasn't one civilization conquered our galaxy ? Certainly there's been plenty of time....

But wait....we don't even know what is out there. The universe is composed mostly of dark matter and dark energy. This dark matter can come in at many sizes, we're not sure yet. We only recently thought we detected its presence (maybe).

Bottom line is, we don't really know much of what is out there. Also, we can't tell how us and other species will evolve during the technological era.

I feel like there is a possibility intelligent life in the universe quickly transitions to a new realm / state / whatever we can't even fathom, and that is what we think of as dark matter and dark energy.

Our observable universe is a cold, lonely, dangerous place for the most part. The threat of asteroid impacts notwithstanding, gamma ray bursts can sterilize entire planets over thousands of light years away.. It is not something that an advanced species would gladly inhabit, if they had the means to escape it.

Maybe that is what dark matter / dark energy is ... anti-entropic artificial constructs where our descendants and other aliens will spend eternity in paradise....